Who is in it?

This annual theatrical marathon gathers some of the most talented improvisers from all over the world including members of Olivier Award Winning West End hit Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Chortle Award winners and West End favourites Austentatious, and members of the award-winning Canadian troupe, Die Nasty.

Playing all fifty hours:

Seamus Allen, Jamie Cavanagh, Helen Foster, Tristan Langlois, Maya Sendall, Alan Cox, John Oakes, Jacob Banigan, Fred Gray.

In addition:

Charlotte Gittins, Will Ewart, Nell Mooney, Adam Meggido (who will also be directing much of it when he’s not in the cast)

Pippa Evans (who will be directing when Adam Meggido is not),  Joseph Chance, Nina Conti, Shenoah Allen, Dan Starkey, Greg Birks, Talia Pick

Patti Stiles, Ruth Bratt, Susan Harrison, Ali James, Lucy Trodd, Matt Cavendish, Lauren Shearing, Joshua Jackson, Justin Brett, Cariad Lloyd, Maria Peters, Sally Hodgkiss, Freya Parker, Lee Simpson, Luke Sorba, Ellie Morris, Rob Carolina, Andrew Gentili, Bryony Corrigan, Ellie Morris, Charlie Russell, Josh Darcy, Alex Bartram.

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