The History of the Improvathon

A history of the London Improvathon

improvathon-2016The London Improvathon has been running annually since 2006, is an improvised comedy drama in twenty-five episodes, running continuously over an entire weekend.

The 50-hour long show draws some of the funniest and most exciting improvisers from all over the world every year to perform, either as guests – who drop in for a few hours – or as main characters, who will play more or less the entire weekend.

‘Hilarious! Like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Late night clubbers and early morning joggers unite!” Time Out Critics’ Choice

improvathon-2015 ‘Fearsomely able improvisers…. Extempore Theatre is the hothouse for British longform improv.’ **** The Financial Times


A core group of around 20 actors will play the whole 50 hours, going without sleep, with guest performers dropping in from time to time. There will be a band throughout and all night bar! Come for an episode, or a few, or stay for the whole thing!

improvathon-2014There is also a special ‘Family Episode’ (Sunday 11am-1pm) where the action is suitable for children.

Originally created by award-winning Canadian troupe ‘Die Nasty’, the event was brought to London by maverick theatre genius Ken Campbell and since then has been produced by Adam Meggido and Extempore Theatre as an annual event (Hoxton Hall and The Park Theatre).

improvathon-2013As the performers become increasingly sleep-deprived they lose the ability to censor themselves and an extraordinary new playing style emerges. Wild, unpredictable, funny and engaging, this is live theatre at its most exciting.

It’s like watching an entire DVD box-set of your favourite drama in one viewing.

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