Mooney’s Meanderings

Veteran improviser, actor, singer and a mean dancer, Nell Mooney Mackenzie is also a highly successful financial journalist. She has used her keen investigative powers to find out about The Improvathon, getting the inside scoop.

Here are links to a series of articles she has written on this crazy show – its history, its importance and its impract on the mental health of the performers…

The History of Improvathons

The first improvathon began as a one-off charity event to save a theatre from becoming a restaurant… (click to read more) 

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Preparing for an Improvathon

While there might a huge amount for the production crew to do to prepare for such a huge show, is there is anything actors can do?… (click to read more)

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The Gates of Hell

Actors reveal what happens when they get really tired. Having done over 25 improvathons, Mark Meer misses the visions and the madness that used to occur on the second night… (click to read more)

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Recovering from an improvathon

While a sleep and a shower might be the first port of call, actors, directors and musicians say there is more to recovering from an improvathon than catching up on sleep… (click to read more)

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